Reflection What I Learned


This class was very helpful to me and I have learned so much.  The textbook was easy to read and understand and is relevant and up to date.  The course was organized and the format was easy to follow which was very helpful for me because technology seemed overwhelming and intimidating.

Although I enjoyed everything about the class, my favorite assignments were the video and developing a website.  I honestly can’t believe that I was able to complete these assignments.  Because of these activities and this class, I have gained confidence in my ability to learn and use technology.  My teaching methods will be more relevant and students will benefit from the technology that I integrate in each lesson.  

Thank you for an excellent learning experience.



Reflection Chapter 10 and 11


The main idea in Chapter 10 for me was a new approach of using technology  to make the classroom more multicultural.  The online language translation service is an incredible and amazing tool that I think would automatically help students and teachers be able to communicate, accept and respect each other.  I know how frustrating it can be when you  want to communicate and put the person at ease but the language barrier makes it awkward and almost impossible.  I think that having students use a language translator with each other would also be a great way to build understanding and relationships in the classroom.

I am absolutely amazed at the possibilities that using digital portfolios could bring to the classroom.  For teachers, the ease and convenience of keeping their best lessons, videos and projects in one place and easily accessible is a great idea.  Teachers could also utilize a digital portfolio to manage their professional development records and also for training student teachers.   A digital portfolio for the student does sound time consuming but I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.  Besides eliminating all the paper that follows each student, I love the idea of a technological record of the students accomplishments and achievements.  I believe that a digital portfolio would be more meaningful to the student because they could be involved in helping develop it and also that it could be kept for a longer period of time.

Reflection Multimedia Presentation


Wow!!  I am telling you that I am about to explode.  Teaching and learning are fun for me but I am completely saturated. Late this week I found out that I would be a long term substitute in a third grade Latin class starting tomorrow.  This multimedia unit has been very interesting and overwhelming for me.   Fortunately I have had some experience making videos so I decided to use the time for Latin planning and incorporate it in this assignment.


My experience making the video was fun.  I have been driving my family crazy practicing Latin phrases.  Upon viewing the video I made, they were not only impressed but amazed!  This process took a very long time because I would have to read, re-read instructions, do the skill and read some more.  I had to transfer files from an SD card to the laptop computer.  I also learned how to cut and edit video, pick a theme and use iMovie software.  Even though for me this was a very time consuming assignment, I am glad that I did it because I feel a real sense of accomplishment.  I would like to try another one soon so that I can get better and faster.  I will be integrating some new multimedia technologies in my classes and the first would be me doing a video of teaching another Latin segment and then the students making a video of them using Latin Phrases.  Eventually I would like to use pod and vodcasting in classes with both me and the students creating content.


My experience with Tk20 was very challenging and time consuming.  Because this is my first class at MTSU I was unfamiliar with this program.  I found it confusing to know where to upload my assignment.  After spending time exploring, I can see that Tk20 would be very helpful to manage several courses and hopefully it will get easier to use with time.




Reflection Communication and Collaboration Tools


The assignment of exploring communication and collaboration tools with social media was very informative, mind-boggling and overwhelming… a mostly good way.   I continue to be amazed at all of the opportunities and resources available for educational purposes.  Researching and learning the skills to implement new technology in the classroom is time consuming. 

As I think about what I have learned in this class, I have been evaluating what my children’s technology experience is in their classrooms. I am shocked and disappointed at what they are not  learning technologically.  This makes me wonder why the media/librarian is not doing more to assist their teachers. I have only observed that they may check out laptops and that seems to be the extent of technology.  No doubt that I will bring this to the attention of administration .

Having a technology mentor teacher would be very helpful to get teachers started and motivated to implementing more technology based lessons in the classroom.  If I were in a high school classroom, I would ask students to research and help implement new technology in the classroom as an assignment.

Of the tools that I researched, I would do a Skype project to teach about geography, cultures and communication and include a family component to be completed at home.  Edublog is another tool that I would want to use.  The idea of having students create and take ownership of a classroom or school blog sounds fun and creative.  I think it is a project that would enhance communication and group learning skills.



Reflection Website Evaluation


Although the assignment of evaluating sites and apps sounded dull, I was pleasantly surprised.  This class has required me to get serious about learning  technology which  is a very good thing.  No excuse is acceptable and I am very thankful for how much I am learning and the confidence that I am gaining.  I use Google for everything and found millions of educational websites.  At first reading some of the descriptions was overwhelming.  I decided to focus this assignment on the current needs in my life which made searching easier.  Even though I am not currently in the classroom, I am a teacher at heart and seem to always find myself teaching a class for adults, leading a bible study or coaching. is one of the favorites sites I found while doing this assignment.  I am always trying to create a flyer for something and this site is going to be very useful and my flyers will be looking much more creative and professional.  Several of the students discussed using FlipSnack so I did some research on this site.  Being able to develop on line books sounds so interesting so I am going to do develop something to be used on my website project.

My experience evaluating websites was very positive.  I look forward to learning more and after seeing how many choices are available, I will do some more research as well.  I think it would be a great idea for all teachers to take a class like this.


Reflection Integrated Lesson Plan


When I was in the classroom full time, my lessons and activities were teacher-centered.  I taught in the traditional classroom setting way.  Because I am a high energy, passionate teacher, students, participants, administrators and evaluators consistently gave me very positive feedback.  Keeping students engaged with appropriate questioning strategies, real-life examples, many group activities and individual sharing contributed to the effectiveness of my teaching and student learning.

Active learning was important to me…and now I am so excited to learn new technology tools to incorporate in the classroom.  I used to assign research projects and try to make them as interesting and valuable as possible. Now with  all the possibilities the internet and other technology tools provide, student learning opportunities are endless.   I am a recovering ‘mobile newbie” that used to use technology infrequently because  I thought it was too hard to learn and was intimidated.   Even though I do not have a teaching job at the moment, I am thrilled to learn all of “cool” ways to bring my teaching into the 21st century. 

I have been interested in internet safety and helping other parents learn about ways of keeping children safe while using technology.  After recently attending some classes on internet safety, I have decided to offer some more classes focused on helping parents and teachers know what children are doing on the internet and ways to teach responsible use of technology.  My integrated lesson plan includes an online video from  This website is full of great ideas and information about technology and safety.  Yes….I still can’t believe that I was able to download the vide to my lesson plan!!!!  I hope you will take the time to review this resource and let me know what you think. 

Reflection #2 Dinosaur No More


Social Media has been a hot topic at our house this past week because of the college course I am taking about digital learning and also because we have a tweener and a teenager that we are trying to raise to be safe and responsible technology users.  I am thankful that my “worlds have collided” because for a while I have been wanting to be more informed about the social media my children are using.  In the past I have relied on my husband and friends but I found myself wanting to know more and more….. 

           Then a   great thing happened on Wednesday evening  when Warren and I  attended a Social Media class presented by state and national investigators of cyber crimes.  Yes, I was shocked and  my world was rocked , but I am now VERY motivated to learn all things technology—-because I can help my own children and all the students be safe,  informed and make smart decisions when using social media. 

         Reading the Digital Identity and Digital Footprints articles were very informative for me.  Fortunately for me, I don’t have much “scrubbing” to do for my digital identity but  I am  amazed at what people of all ages post on the internet.  My discussions with students about their identity and  footprints will be more thorough ( including a few assignments).  Cyberbullying will be covered in great detail and I will include guest speakers like the ones I heard the other night, to make the points even clearer.  I want all children and their parents  to be aware of the possible social media  threats of bullying, trafficking and online predators.

I started reading The Digital Invasion, by Archibald Hart in April because I was on a quest to “get with it’ in the technology department.  This was before I knew I would be taking the college digital learning class. Wow!!  The synergy in my life right now is encouraging.  There is hope for this Dinosaur and you too!  So hang in there and keep learning.

       Please take time to read the link about Digital Identity located at the top.  I was actually able to link it —–Yes I am excited!!  And the book, Digital Invasion, is fantastic for parents and teachers.