Reflection #2 Dinosaur No More


Social Media has been a hot topic at our house this past week because of the college course I am taking about digital learning and also because we have a tweener and a teenager that we are trying to raise to be safe and responsible technology users.  I am thankful that my “worlds have collided” because for a while I have been wanting to be more informed about the social media my children are using.  In the past I have relied on my husband and friends but I found myself wanting to know more and more….. 

           Then a   great thing happened on Wednesday evening  when Warren and I  attended a Social Media class presented by state and national investigators of cyber crimes.  Yes, I was shocked and  my world was rocked , but I am now VERY motivated to learn all things technology—-because I can help my own children and all the students be safe,  informed and make smart decisions when using social media. 

         Reading the Digital Identity and Digital Footprints articles were very informative for me.  Fortunately for me, I don’t have much “scrubbing” to do for my digital identity but  I am  amazed at what people of all ages post on the internet.  My discussions with students about their identity and  footprints will be more thorough ( including a few assignments).  Cyberbullying will be covered in great detail and I will include guest speakers like the ones I heard the other night, to make the points even clearer.  I want all children and their parents  to be aware of the possible social media  threats of bullying, trafficking and online predators.

I started reading The Digital Invasion, by Archibald Hart in April because I was on a quest to “get with it’ in the technology department.  This was before I knew I would be taking the college digital learning class. Wow!!  The synergy in my life right now is encouraging.  There is hope for this Dinosaur and you too!  So hang in there and keep learning.

       Please take time to read the link about Digital Identity located at the top.  I was actually able to link it —–Yes I am excited!!  And the book, Digital Invasion, is fantastic for parents and teachers.



Neysa created a blog all by herself!!!


I do understand that to the rest of you, the fact that I was able to set a up a wordpress blog all by myself may not be impressive—but to me and my family, well let’s just say I am amazed!!
Because one of my jobs is to coach and encourage others, I decided to follow my own advice when it came to Eled 3300 and all the technology that came with it. This meant that I would have to have a positive attitude, be willing to step out of my comfort zone and just do it!!

A bit of irony here is that I hired an expert to set up a website and blog for me about six months ago——and have done nothing with it because of my excuses and lack of confidence. This course will force me to learn and be doing what I am called to do. I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to learning all I can. Who knows? Maybe I will have the opportunity to motivate and encourage other dinosaurs someday:)

Reflecting on Eled 3300


Technology has always been intimidating and dull for me. I don’t enjoy the details of making things work–following instructions is boring to me. I love people, ideas and fun. When anything breaks in our house, my dear husband is the one who comes to the rescue. He can fix anything! Digital cameras, carpet steamers, vacuum cleaners, toilets and smart phones, etc. He is the man. Me?? Not so much.
So,… being forced to join the rest of the” talented techie” people in the world, I learned to email, text and facebook on occasion. Now Pinterest is a different story. All the pictures and possibilities motivates me to create things and make great food for my family. Pinterest is fun to me.

Signing up for this course was intimidating for me because I have learned just enough technology to barely get by. I need this course to renew my teaching certificate—I love to teach—so here I am. I am here for another reason as well. You see I am tired of being a Dinosaur and am now ready to do and learn whatever it takes to be proficient with technology in the classroom and in everyday life. I have already learned that setting up a blog is free and really pretty easy and the benefits of blogging in the classroom are becoming evident too.

Learning practical skills for incorporating technology in the classroom and innovative ways to motivate students to learn with technology are things I want to learn in this class. One of the most important things I am gaining in this class is being confident that I can learn “techie” skills and that it is actually fun.



Thank you for joining me as we discuss the issues and ideas that help encourage teachers to be the best that they can be.