Reflection #2 Dinosaur No More


Social Media has been a hot topic at our house this past week because of the college course I am taking about digital learning and also because we have a tweener and a teenager that we are trying to raise to be safe and responsible technology users.  I am thankful that my “worlds have collided” because for a while I have been wanting to be more informed about the social media my children are using.  In the past I have relied on my husband and friends but I found myself wanting to know more and more….. 

           Then a   great thing happened on Wednesday evening  when Warren and I  attended a Social Media class presented by state and national investigators of cyber crimes.  Yes, I was shocked and  my world was rocked , but I am now VERY motivated to learn all things technology—-because I can help my own children and all the students be safe,  informed and make smart decisions when using social media. 

         Reading the Digital Identity and Digital Footprints articles were very informative for me.  Fortunately for me, I don’t have much “scrubbing” to do for my digital identity but  I am  amazed at what people of all ages post on the internet.  My discussions with students about their identity and  footprints will be more thorough ( including a few assignments).  Cyberbullying will be covered in great detail and I will include guest speakers like the ones I heard the other night, to make the points even clearer.  I want all children and their parents  to be aware of the possible social media  threats of bullying, trafficking and online predators.

I started reading The Digital Invasion, by Archibald Hart in April because I was on a quest to “get with it’ in the technology department.  This was before I knew I would be taking the college digital learning class. Wow!!  The synergy in my life right now is encouraging.  There is hope for this Dinosaur and you too!  So hang in there and keep learning.

       Please take time to read the link about Digital Identity located at the top.  I was actually able to link it —–Yes I am excited!!  And the book, Digital Invasion, is fantastic for parents and teachers.



One thought on “Reflection #2 Dinosaur No More

  1. Dr. Blackman

    Your energy and enthusiasm for learning is evident in your reflections. I love to hear students excited about learning.

    Thanks for sharing.

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