Reflection Website Evaluation


Although the assignment of evaluating sites and apps sounded dull, I was pleasantly surprised.  This class has required me to get serious about learning  technology which  is a very good thing.  No excuse is acceptable and I am very thankful for how much I am learning and the confidence that I am gaining.  I use Google for everything and found millions of educational websites.  At first reading some of the descriptions was overwhelming.  I decided to focus this assignment on the current needs in my life which made searching easier.  Even though I am not currently in the classroom, I am a teacher at heart and seem to always find myself teaching a class for adults, leading a bible study or coaching. is one of the favorites sites I found while doing this assignment.  I am always trying to create a flyer for something and this site is going to be very useful and my flyers will be looking much more creative and professional.  Several of the students discussed using FlipSnack so I did some research on this site.  Being able to develop on line books sounds so interesting so I am going to do develop something to be used on my website project.

My experience evaluating websites was very positive.  I look forward to learning more and after seeing how many choices are available, I will do some more research as well.  I think it would be a great idea for all teachers to take a class like this.



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