Reflection Communication and Collaboration Tools


The assignment of exploring communication and collaboration tools with social media was very informative, mind-boggling and overwhelming… a mostly good way.   I continue to be amazed at all of the opportunities and resources available for educational purposes.  Researching and learning the skills to implement new technology in the classroom is time consuming. 

As I think about what I have learned in this class, I have been evaluating what my children’s technology experience is in their classrooms. I am shocked and disappointed at what they are not  learning technologically.  This makes me wonder why the media/librarian is not doing more to assist their teachers. I have only observed that they may check out laptops and that seems to be the extent of technology.  No doubt that I will bring this to the attention of administration .

Having a technology mentor teacher would be very helpful to get teachers started and motivated to implementing more technology based lessons in the classroom.  If I were in a high school classroom, I would ask students to research and help implement new technology in the classroom as an assignment.

Of the tools that I researched, I would do a Skype project to teach about geography, cultures and communication and include a family component to be completed at home.  Edublog is another tool that I would want to use.  The idea of having students create and take ownership of a classroom or school blog sounds fun and creative.  I think it is a project that would enhance communication and group learning skills.




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