Reflection Multimedia Presentation


Wow!!  I am telling you that I am about to explode.  Teaching and learning are fun for me but I am completely saturated. Late this week I found out that I would be a long term substitute in a third grade Latin class starting tomorrow.  This multimedia unit has been very interesting and overwhelming for me.   Fortunately I have had some experience making videos so I decided to use the time for Latin planning and incorporate it in this assignment.


My experience making the video was fun.  I have been driving my family crazy practicing Latin phrases.  Upon viewing the video I made, they were not only impressed but amazed!  This process took a very long time because I would have to read, re-read instructions, do the skill and read some more.  I had to transfer files from an SD card to the laptop computer.  I also learned how to cut and edit video, pick a theme and use iMovie software.  Even though for me this was a very time consuming assignment, I am glad that I did it because I feel a real sense of accomplishment.  I would like to try another one soon so that I can get better and faster.  I will be integrating some new multimedia technologies in my classes and the first would be me doing a video of teaching another Latin segment and then the students making a video of them using Latin Phrases.  Eventually I would like to use pod and vodcasting in classes with both me and the students creating content.


My experience with Tk20 was very challenging and time consuming.  Because this is my first class at MTSU I was unfamiliar with this program.  I found it confusing to know where to upload my assignment.  After spending time exploring, I can see that Tk20 would be very helpful to manage several courses and hopefully it will get easier to use with time.





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